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  • liderpeximoliderpeximo January 2011
    Hi to all, i'm new, and i'm testing slitaz 3.0; is really an interesting project; if i want to install any dockbar (awn or docky), how can i do?
    Escuse for my english, good luck!!!
  • babaorumbabaorum January 2011
    There is a wbar for Slitaz 3.0 stable in official package repository. Simple and clean.
  • liderpeximoliderpeximo January 2011
    Ok,  but wbar is not configurable, or better "wbar" not allow the to stay above the windows.
    This is for me the most important function; it is possible?
  • babaorumbabaorum January 2011
    I think that adeskbar does it, you may verify. But I think that it is not in repositories (though it does work with Slitaz). It is based on Python and there used to be a website for it.
  • mojomojo January 2011
    avant-window-navigator ,avant-window-navigator-dev, and awn-manager are in wok-undigest
    How to cook packages:

  • pierolpierol February 2011
    I'm new in the slitaz's world and i'm finding it very attractive for reconditioning an old presario 2100 compaq notebook. I'm tring to cook libdesktop-agnostic because i'd like awn dock but i'm not able to build the package. the compiler output is:

    [112/116] typelib: build/default/libdesktop-agnostic/DesktopAgnostic-1.0.gir -> build/default/libdesktop-agnostic/DesktopAgnostic-1.0.typelib
    default/libdesktop-agnostic/DesktopAgnostic-1.0.gir:3:1: error: Unsupported version '1.0'
    error parsing file default/libdesktop-agnostic/DesktopAgnostic-1.0.gir: Unsupported version '1.0'
    Waf: Leaving directory `/home/slitaz/wok-undigest/libdesktop-agnostic/libdesktop-agnostic-0.3.90/build'
    Build failed
     -> task failed (err #1): 
            {task: typelib DesktopAgnostic-1.0.gir -> DesktopAgnostic-1.0.typelib}

    i've installed the cooking version of slitaz on the notebook. Googling i've found fedora users have a similar problem resolved with a '--disable-gi' option for the waf configure command. But even after modifing the receipt of the wok i'm not able to compile same error.

    Thank you in advanced

    Piero from Italy
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Piero, many people have compiling problems.  You could check that you installed all the packages listed by the guide plus install another package not listed, slitaz-dev-pkgs, and start over.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    It won't work for him - his problem is caused by something completely different and the guide you provided is how to compile a custom kernel, which also has nothing to do with his problem.

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