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Get-flash-plugin and Wget 1.12
  • DeagonDeagon January 2011
    Trying to run "get-flash-plugin (1.2)" script fails with

    "Try 'wget --help' for more options."
    "Usage: wget [OPTION]... [URL]..."

    the script is correct, but the "-s" option in wget is case sensitive, it actually needs to be in caps "-S"

    su root
    nano /usr/bin/get-flash-plugin

    Line 22: "if wget -s ${URL}install_flash_player_${i}_linux.tar.gz 2> /dev/null; then"

    Should be

    "if wget -S ${URL}install_flash_player_${i}_linux.tar.gz 2> /dev/null; then"

    All thats changed is the case of the -S parameter

    Save and run it again.

    If you mess up your script through editing, you can simply reinstall the original

    tazpkg remove get-flash-plugin
    tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin

    and edit it again
  • mojomojo January 2011
    The wget built into busybox uses the -s switch. When you installed wget.tazpkg it uses the -S switch so get scripts won't work without editing.

  • DeagonDeagon January 2011
    yeah, i replaced busybox wget with wget for winetricks ages ago and couldn't be bothered to switch back. just posted this for anyone else that uses wget 1.2. Should be possible to put an if switch in there to determine which wget the user has and then us the appropriate case, although im not sure how to do that myself. This case sensitivity only affects scripts that check for server response before commencing or failing download and 'get-flash-plugin' is the only script i have found that does that with wget -s/-S so far.
  • erniaernia January 2011
    i had the same problem, i think that the script could be fixed by checking if wget is a file or a link to busysbox and than using s o S accordingly.
  • pravinkumarpravinkumar March 2011
    hi Deagon

    I am using busybox 1.16.1.
    I want to use the wget -nc option which is not there in busybox wget.
    How you added wget can you please tell me so that I can use linux wget insted of busybox wget
  • seawolfseawolf March 2011
    just install the wget package and overwrite the BusyBox link with the 'proper' one.

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