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Slitaz and loram?
  • sporkspork October 2009
    I know this has been asked on the old forum, but I'd like it reanswered here :D

    On the stock Slitaz 2.0 CD (from, is it possible to boot up with less than 256MB of RAM? I tried the cheatcode "slitaz loram", but it didn't work -- so does that mean I have to get the slitaz-loram-cdrom iso?
  • ikemikem October 2009
    I guess so.
  • seawolfseawolf October 2009
    I recently downloaded all the 2.0 ISOs and the RAM usage was as follows, as outputted by the 'free' command:
    LowRAM: 102MB
    LORAM-CDROM: 134MB (where the system defaults to a read-only /usr directory)
    SquashFS: 101MB (also where the system defaults to a read-only /usr directory)

    I wonder could it be possible to make SLiTaz actually run from the CD rather than copying a filesystem in to RAM? It would thn allow a full 700MB system on say a 256MB machine etc.? I imagine i would only take some code changes to the CDROM booting scripts?

  • slicelslicel October 2009
    I suggested having live cd use ram+swap (I think puppy does), maybe being able to run gparted or some other partitioner to make swap before a full os boot to install.

    If you could install or boot from usb including pcmcia usb, then you can convert this old laptop-

    16mb ram
    500mb hd
    no mobo usb

    to this-

    516mb memory (ram+swap)
    1gb drive (pcmcia usb stick)

    Swap on flash probably would be faster than swap on old hd but a live cd that uses swap has more possibilities than a live cd that ignores swap for live cd requirements.

    Thank you.
  • sporkspork October 2009
    I'm hoping for a liveCD cheatcode where you can turn the "Load OS into RAM" off. That way, you only need one iso to boot computers with both more and less than 160MB of RAM.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    What do you think of ?

    Are those features on stable 2.0 or cooking?

    Thank you.

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