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Slitaz Forum Changed Now Opera Browser %CPU 90
  • mojomojo December 2010
    Open top and with Opera browser %CPU spikes to 90+
    This makes Opera unusable for posting or replying, it locks up when trying to type.
    Tested on multiple machines one of which has a core2duo and 4 gigs of ram.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za December 2010
    It's probably Opera's javascript engine locking up. Maybe try disabling it for this site?
  • mojomojo December 2010
    Turning off JavaScript solves the CPU overload but breaks Post Comment :(
  • mojomojo December 2010
    Turning off JavaScript solves the CPU overload but breaks Post Comment :(

    Edit: I hit refresh after the error and there was no post. I turn JavaScript back on to post and it does a double ;P
  • seawolfseawolf December 2010
    Hi --

    I couldn't browse the forum in Opera so turned JS off. This was fine until it came to posting, just tried to post one comment and found:

     - it failed & complained there was no discussion nor text body.
     - Turning JS back on in Opera, the Write Comment box doesn't appear.
     - Using Opera's basic mode (w/out layout basically), I can see JS keeps adding extra comment boxes to the end of the page, infinitely, and causes a crash.

     - Chrome gets further, displaying the Write Comment box, but the mutiple boxes continue to append to the page and won't let me post in any of them.

     - Text-based browsers couldn't handle the JS correctly and just didn't do anything after hitting 'Post'.

     - The only browser that worked was FF/Shiretoko, what I'm typing this in now.

    Just FYI. Good job, Vanilla!
  • kultexkultex December 2010
    the same with midori - at least with cooking
  • fxasfxas January 2011
    I can browse the forum no problem, but when I tried to post my Opera 11.0 (under Win XP) consumed approx. 600 MB of RAM and 50% CPU! Also, Opera can't render the comment's box properly: only shown the formatting icons but not the text box.
  • rutgerrutger January 2011
    When I try to open the forum on my Iphone, then i get the message "Bonk" "Something funky happened. Please bear with us hile we iron out the kinks."
  • rutgerrutger January 2011

    I do also have problem using chrome when i am logged into the forum. The forum is then very slow.

    Only using the windows explorer is giving me a good result.

    With the old forum I did not have any issues.


    The layout of the forum

    when i use chrome is very different as when i use microsoft explorer.

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