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how to associate XYZ file type to a certain icon
  • creek23creek23 November 2009
    How do i make my tazpkg file that upon installation of my XYZ application, all XYZ file types are now displayed with a xyz.png image.

    I know that I can do it manually, after the installation. But how can I do it through the installation of my XYZ application?
  • sporkspork November 2009
    In your tazpkg file, there is an "fs" directory, right?
    Make a few new directories and put your file there:


    Where AAA is the icon set you want it to be in (Slitaz, Tango, etc.) and BBB is the size of the icon (16x16, scalable for svg, etc.).
    Tazpkg will then automatically copy it to the directories.
  • creek23creek23 November 2009
    Hmm... that kind of helped but it still didn't use the intended xyz.png image.

    Just wanted to clear out: should it be,
    /usr/share/icons/AAA/BBB/xyz.png ? or

    Another question: How do I associate a filetype to Slitaz? in Ubuntu, it has mime-info directory for *.mime files to be placed.

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