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manual install
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    1) If you can boot on the USB stick with bios or with slitaz boot floppy plop (

    - install on a USB stick (dd if=packages-2.0.iso of=/dev/sda) assuming /dev/sda is your USB stick
    - boot from the USB stick and run slitaz installer

    2) if you have an Internet access and your ethernet card is recognized by gpxe

    - boot from slitaz boot floppy gpxe wan boot
    - run slitaz installer

  • lmartlmart October 2009
    Situation: Laptop hdd wiped clean. No OS. No CD. Can only boot only a USB floppy with Win98SE DOS. Able to read a 2MB FAT16 formatted USB stick from Win98SE drivers . BIOS supports only hdd and floppy boot.
    Goal: Create/Format a 2MB partition for Win98SE DOS. Create/Format a 10MB Slitaz partition.

    Where can I find a step-by-step to walk me through this install? The Slitaz boot floppy does not work.
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    Do you mean the slitaz bootfloppy does not even boot to its initial screen? Maybe there was a mistake in making the bootfloppy.

    Slitaz is larger than 10mb, more like 100-200mb installed.

    You might want to boot dos from floppy, use it to make partitions, install dos on 2mb partition, connect to internet and download slitaz to other partition if you have room.

    People with similar situations on the old forum used a micro-linux os that fits on a few floppies, instead of dos or slitaz.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    slicel & bellard, thanks for your replies.

    CORRECTION Goal: Create/Format a 2GB partition for Win98SE DOS. Create/Format a 10GB Slitaz partition.

    floppy-grub4dos boots, it just doesn't work: "- boot from slitaz boot floppy gpxe wan boot"; gpxe does not recognize the laptop's built-in ethernet card

    have an external USB CD; neither Smart Boot Manager nor Plop recognize it

    Could I copy all of the files from my Slitaz CD to the USB stick, then copy the files to the hdd? If so, then how do I get the laptop to boot? A manual install of Grub? If so, how?
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    ok, will give this a try
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    after reading through the posting, very nervous about giving it a try because it doesn't address my issues

    since my last posting ... booted from an external usb floppy, created a very small, 500MB, DOS partition, formatted it and, laid down a basic Win98SE dos - the laptop will boot to this basic DOS, loaded USB drivers that allow me to read a FAT16 formatted USB stick.

    floppy-grub4dos boots, it just doesn't work, therefore floppy2usb-Slitaz is not possible; gpxe doesn't work
    what works; boot Win98SE DOS from hdd or external usb floppy; can read a FAT16 formatt USB stick
    BIOS does not support USB boot; no CD drive.

    has anyone in a similar situation successfully installed Slitaz under similar circumstances? if so, i need a step-by-step ... thanks
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    boot slitaz from DOS.

    1. make \slitaz folder on DOS partition and copy contents of slitaz cd into it, keeping folder structure. do this while in windows since there is one file with long filename. or load an lfn driver for dos.

    2. search for and download "". copy this in the \slitaz folder.

    3. create these two files:


    :: slitaz.bat image=boot\bzimage initrd=boot\rootfs.gz



    acpi and power_off lines are options for older computers only.

    4. restart DOS. cd into \slitaz and run SLITAZ.BAT.

    you can add these two lines to AUTOEXEC.BAT to boot slitaz everytime.

    cd \slitaz

  • lmartlmart October 2009

    on this like white on rice
    unfamiliar with lfn for dos, but will search
    will let you know how it goes

  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    lfn dos driver:

    try again with plop, maybe it works with usb flash disks. if it does, install slitaz on usb disk from another computer then use it to boot your laptop.

    i use grub4dos to make my usbdisks bootable.
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    getting so very close ...

    here's what I did. downloaded the slitaz iso, wrote to cd, in WinXP set view to all files including hidden, copied everything to my usb stick

    boot died when unpacking initramfs (is this the long file name)
    can't find the initramfs anywhere on the cd

    what am i doing wrong?

    regarding your last post
    tried both grub4dos and plop; neither worked with my usb sticks, plural, sticks
    will check out the stuff you recommended
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009, slitaz.bat and must be in the same folder. be sure to run slitaz.bat from inside \slitaz folder. otherwise, change it to specify the slitaz folder:

    :: slitaz.bat image=C:\slitaz\boot\bzimage initrd=C:\slitaz\boot\rootfs.gz

    the file with LFN is boot\vmlinuz- copy the cd such that the root of the cd is inside \slitaz\*.*. i suspect only the path specs is causing error. this is how i boot slitaz.
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    how old is the laptop btw? how much ram? in another thread it is recommended to use the loram version:
  • lmartlmart October 2009, slitaz.bat and must be in the same folder; they are
    be sure to run slitaz.bat from inside \slitaz folder; did
    will change slitaz.bat
    copy the cd such that the root of the cd is inside \slitaz\; did
    the file with LFN is boot\vmlinuz-; mine is VMLINUZ_.5_S
    how old is the laptop btw?; 3 yrs
    how much ram? 512
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    the file with LFN is boot\vmlinuz-; mine is VMLINUZ_.5_S

    so i guess the problem is the filename is getting cut off. get the jadoza lfn driver from link above. load it in dos then copy from your usbdisk, not the cd. the dos usb driver may have to load first.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    got it working!

    stirpped everything out of autoexec.bat, save path and cls statements
    stripped everything out of config.sys, save files, buffers and lastdrive statements

    seems to work, will advise
    many thanks for your help

    now a quick question; how did you come to use this method as opposed to Grub or Lilo boot loaders?

    again, many thanks.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    exact contents of autoexec.bat

    exact contents of config.sys
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    i still use DOS actively, for general computing and what not. when dos can't handle it anymore, i switch to linux for more modern computing. windows loads too slow and too virus infested.

    i use grub4dos to multiboot usbdisks.

    on a last note, when you run "tazusb writefs gzip/lzma" it will save to /rootfs.gz. copy and replace that into you slitaz folder. it can be made automated by editing "root=/dev/null" to point to your disk device but portability is removed.
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    to immediately boot slitaz from DOS:

    :: autoexec.bat
    cd \slitaz

    you can also replace DOS entirely with grub4dos now that you can get online with slitaz.
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    again, thanks!
    agree about windows
    lfn not an issue, but prepared if it becomes one
    thanks for the note on tazusb ...

    noticed that slitaz does not use all of my screen, is that the vga-791 switch?

    fyi, removed acpi=off, power_off=1 from slitaz.bat

    when slitaz boots, it asks about language, keymap and configurex options. anyway to save those so i don't have to enter them every time?

    lastly, any idea on how to install cups-pdf printer in slitaz?

    again, thanks for your help.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    made the changes to autoexec.bat

    you can also replace DOS entirely with grub4dos now that you can get online with slitaz. ok, how? have yet to read the grub4dos manual, is it in that doc?
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009

    download the latest grub4dos version and unzip it to the root of bootdrive, keeping folder structure. run " 0x80" to install grub4dos to the MBR of C:\ (first primary partition of active boot drive). it runs in both dos and linux.

    copy your slitaz folder to this bootdrive.

    edit /MENU.LST and add this entry:

    title Slitaz
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /slitaz/boot/bzimage
    kernel /slitaz/boot/bzimage root=/dev/null vga=791 acpi=off power_off=1
    initrd /slitaz/boot/rootfs.gz

    as you can see, my old options are still there. feel free to edit them out as needed.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    thanks for the continued follow up
    will try tonight
  • lmartlmart October 2009


    Results: grub4dos, slows boot somewhat, shutdown from Slitaz hangs

    Question #1: If I understand you correctly, grub4dos could boot a usbstick with Slitaz, a usbstick with Puppy, a usbstick with DSL-n, and the like. Correct?

    Question #2: anyway to save language, keymap and configurex options rather than enter them on every boot?
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    #1. correct. here is my MENU.LST entries for a few portable OS:

    title Puppy
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /puppy/vmlinuz
    kernel /puppy/vmlinuz psubdir=puppy acpi=off power_off=1
    initrd /puppy/initrd.gz

    title Slitaz
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /slitaz/boot/bzimage
    kernel /slitaz/boot/bzimage root=/dev/null vga=791 acpi=off power_off=1
    initrd /slitaz/boot/rootfs.gz

    title TinyCore
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /tinycore/boot/tinycore.gz
    kernel /tinycore/boot/bzimage acpi=off power_off=1
    initrd /tinycore/boot/tinycore.gz

    on shutdown problems, you have to play with the following settings:


    you may not need them at all for pc's <5 yrs old.

    #2. to save settings, you have to run "tazusb writefs gzip" it will save the entire filesystem to /rootfs.gz which you must copy/replace to the /slitaz folder.
  • seawolfseawolf October 2009
    If you just want the SliTaz LiveCD to stop asking you, use tazLito to remaster it and see:
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    tikbalang: many thanks, you really me
    seawolf : thanks for the info on tazlito and, your comments in my other post
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    many thanks, again, you really helped me
    question #1: created a dsl usb, from your menu.lst above, how will i direct it to find dsl on usb?
    question #2: could i remove slitaz from the hdd and boot it from usb? what would the menu.lst be to find slitaz on usb?
    thinking i might just put everything on usb and leave my small hdd for data, thoughts?
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    #1. it's been a while since i used DSL. it needs 3 folders at the root of the bootdisk. BOOT, KNOPPIX, "lost+found" - the last one is empty but i keep it there anyway.

    title DamnSmall
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /boot/isolinux/minirt24.gz
    kernel /boot/isolinux/linux24 ramdisk_size=100000 lang=us acpi=off vga=791 frugal dma
    initrd /boot/isolinux/minirt24.gz

    from DOS:

    @echo off image=\boot\isolinux\linux24 initrd=\boot\isolinux\minirt24.gz

    #2. the method (frugal install) i described here is the very same method i use to multiboot my usbdisks. i tried to make the paths as generic as possible so "installing" is as easy as copying folders. CAVEATS: see my other thread "installing opera" regarding slitaz and tazusb/saving config. you might want to go "liveusb" way for slitaz and then adapt the other linuxes to that boot method.

    another issue you want to look out for is with puppy. it looks for itself on hdd's first rather than the disk started from. putting puppies in differently named folders solves the problem.

    my goal here is portability+persistence. i just need to solve slitaz+opera.

    kindly give me feedback on sltaz+hdd please.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    slitaz works perfect on hdd following your instructions on grub4dos
    win98se required cleaning up autoexec.bat and config.sys as mentioned

    likely asked my original question wrong; so let's try this (have yet to read the manual), how does grub4dos know to try the hdd v. usb device? can't tell from your menu.lst code

    wish i could help on the Opera issue

    think we're headed in the same direction; no desire to stay with WinDoze, really hope Slitaz fills the bill (small, fast, add only what you need) but keep running into roadblocks like howto install linux drivers provided by the mfgs (intel, nvidia etc), remastering

    not big on puppy; a 'root' thing

    re dsl, just wanted to see how things would work together

    the net of all of this, like your method! like your approach! thanks!
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    grub4dos starts first with the current disk. the statement

    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /slitaz/boot/bzimage

    tells it to look for the file bzimage inside /slitaz/boot/ folder and use that disk as a starting point (--set-root). if the file is not in the current disk, it moves on to the next partition, or next disk. --ignore-floppies is added because floppies are slow and not much fits in there. you can define that starting point with

    root hd(0,0)

    the boot order has to be to set in your BIOS. if you want, you can boot usb devices after grub4dos has started by using plop bootmanager (

    title PLoP Boot Manager
    find --set-root --ignore-floppies /bootdisk/plpbt.bin
    kernel /bootdisk/plpbt.bin

    this works great with old pc's that are unable to boot from usb devices. you can also install plop directly to the mbr.

    if what you mean is you want to boot from usb disks then copy the setups we have discussed above to your usb disk and install grub4dos mbr to the usbdisk. you can use but i don't know the hex address for usbdisks.

    i used bootice for windows:
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    i clicked too early. yeah, my menu.lst is ambiguous on purpose (portability). i read elsewhere that you will need xorg to use video drivers. keep me posted with your progress.
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    as always, thanks!

    laptop bios does not support boot to usb; will try your recommendations (plop bootmanager) this weekend
    would like to boot from usbstick/usbdisk; will try your recommendations (bootice for win) this weekend

    getting frustrated with the drivers stuff; just for fun, tried Puppy, video & wireless work (just don't like always being root); dsl-n video works, wireless doesn't work; tried Austrumi, video works, wireless doesn't

    maybe i expected too much; here's a core linux system that loads in ram, frees you from WinDoze and, to customize it to you likings here's a howto: (1) fetch the apps you want [sample], load any drivers you need [sample], then remaster your "flavor" [sample]. spend as much time trying to avoid WinDoze as i do running WinDoze ...

    you ought to write up a howto on your process ... there are several situations where someone may want to give linux a try and not have a cdrom (tablet pc), bios won't boot to usb, or no_cdrom&hdd_fried&no_usbboot_bios and, your method still works!
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    Will plop on floppy boot a pcmcia usb stick?

    Thank you.
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    if the pcmcia card can function without os dependent drivers and if plop directly sees the usb port, then its possible.
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    is your email address in this system? mine is, note there are 2 underscores
    have no idea what's going on with the forum
    have a couple of questions on floppy2usb boot
  • tikbalangtikbalang November 2009
    i'm back.

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