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Last gtk+ update problems with Viewnior.
  • RobertugoRobertugo November 2010
    Greetings to all in the forum. I have upgraded gtk+ to the version 2.22.0 and I want to return to the previous one, since I cannot visualize files bmp neither gif with Viewnior or Gpicview.
    My question is if somebody knows of where to discharge the immediately previous version; from already thank you.
  • RobertugoRobertugo November 2010
    Hello again, I have reinstalled (only to probe) the previous version of GTK+ (2.16.5) and I can do perfectly with Viewnior or with Gpicview, the files BMP and GIF; however Pcmanfm has stopped to control the desk and he closes with a segmentation fault if I try to open it to configure it with pcmanfm--show-pref=1.
    I believe that the new dependence of GTK+ (gdk-pixbuf) it is related with the problem of Viewnior and Gpicview.
  • RobertugoRobertugo November 2010
    And again hello ! I have resolved the issue about the no visualization of BMP's & GIF's; I recompiled gdk-pixbuf adding-modifiying this line to your receipt:

  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh March 2011

    Hi, if you come back to this forum I want to make you know that I tried to fix this problem recently into cooking and success thank to this post.

    You saved me from hours of research, thanks you!

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