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Good news, everyone!
  • devl547devl547 August 2010
    :) I'm back from summer holidays with a gift for you - now we have openttd and opengfx packages in wok.
    Greetz to all Transport Tycoon lovers.
  • moulefritemoulefrite August 2010
    Good News !! Games are missing in Slitaz.

    But didn't you think that bringing video game emulators may be a more profitable work ? With a good psx emulator, we will access thousands games

    We have already dosbox and wine.
  • devl547devl547 August 2010
    I'll add some later)
  • godanegodane August 2010
    @ Moulefrite
    Try pcsx-Reload.

    I have ran alot of games with it so far. Most of them run perfectly. (Ape escape will not run though.) For some games you will need the bios for them to work. The sim bios works with some games just fine though.

    I hope this helps.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za August 2010
    I compiled a copy of ZSNES - the offical version doesn't work all to well, but the patched and updated versions based on it does compile and works pretty well. It's actually faster and more stable than the same Ubuntu version - makes you wonder how much of the Ubuntu core is causing the problems ^.^

    I wonder if there is a way I can help generate packages for SliTaz based on the stuff I've compiled so far. Maybe I can help with development of the game emulators packages like Visualboy Advance, FCEUltra, ScummVM, Nestopia, Snes9x, etc. Would be good to see them.
  • moulefritemoulefrite August 2010

    Converting the .deb is easy and obviously it works . But didn't test some rom's yet.

    The problem with psx games is that there are too heavy to be "fast-download-click-and-test" like a rapid arcade game ...
    And too old to compete with recent installable pc games ... :/

    But for sure, if one search to play only on Slitaz, emulators should be the solution

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