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Conversion lacks
  • LexeiiLexeii August 2010
    There are many programs in SliTaz can work only with UTF-8, but they designed to work with many encodings. There are LeafPad, Beaver, Midori, Poedit and Claws Mail. I received some emails in other than UTF-8 encodings, there is Cyrillic windows-1251 and KOI-8R. I get only underscores (_) instead of cyrillic symbols in Claws Mail. Function in menu View - Encoding don't work. I want to open this email's file in Firefox, set correct encoding and read text. But, Firefox is thing-in-itself.

    Maybe the problem with encoding in all SliTaz programs have common roots? Maybe it lacks a global library for conversion?
  • LexeiiLexeii August 2010
    Oh, thanks to all. :-) The answer is:
    tazpkg get-install glibc-locale
    At least my Claws Mail works fine now!
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