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adobe flash player 10
  • madmikemadmike August 2010
    I can't get it to load. I guess since i'm new to linex systems ijust dont understand how to do this funcion. I need help or another flash player that will load.
  • ChristopheChristophe August 2010
    open the package manager and select the get-flash (or get-flash-player, i do not remember the exact name) and install it.
    This should run flawlessly.
    If it still does not work in Midori, open the midori option window there are checkboxes for allowing script to run, which should be checked (i remember struggling with that the first time).
    I am talking from memory since i am under XP right now but you should find your way with that.
  • mosesmoses August 2010
    Should be similar for Midori as for Firefox

    root@slitaz:Downloads# wget
    root@slitaz:Downloads# tar xzvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
    root@slitaz:Downloads# mv ../.mozilla/plugins
    Restart Firefox

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