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missing language files
  • kultexkultex July 2010
    I am installing now SliTaz as default OS in our cultural office and I am missing some language files. The funny thing is, that all french language files are installed, but in German, Spanish and Portugese, a lot of them are missing.
    See in /usr/share/locale.

    First how do I get the missing language files (minimum osmo and midori) and second if this cutting off is a matter of size, than I think they should be extra available to be installed.
  • kultexkultex July 2010
    ok I found what I needed in other distros, converting .debs ...., but for the uture I think the language files should be possible to be extra downloaded - I could do this - not now, but in November - but I have to know how - to send them to somebody?

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