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OpenOffice 3 in cooking
  • kultexkultex November 2009
    I was attracted by get-OpenOffice3 in cooking - finally I succeded: it installs in one of the following languages en, it, de, fr, es or ru - and it is extremly quick - on my Kino Atom, which is quite the same as a Asus EEE-box - 5 sec. to open!!!
    With 512MB you can run it, but its the absolute minimum - with 1 GB its fine - you can install quite a lot more.

    But I just want to warn you - you need at least 2,5 GB RAM for installation (from the CD), with 2 GB RAM it failed.

    perhaps, it is possible to get the same way the language files for Firefox?

    thx erjo for that script

  • babaorumbabaorum November 2009
    Hi, the size problem is due to the procedure, same as all those for "get-*" tazpkg packages: it gets an already packed software, decompress and unpack it and repack it in tazpkg format, and then extract the pseudo fs (I hope that I am right for this). That's what needs so much temporary space on harddrive.
    Someone had posted a precompiled tazpkg OOo package, in english language and version 3.0, that bypassed this unpack-repack space consuming procedure.

    As I cannot refer anymore to the previous board, I upload a torrent of it on a free tracker hoster, for those who have a hard time finding more than 2 free Gb on disk :p

  • jozeejozee November 2009
    Yes, we should improve get-* pkgs receipts and remove unwanted files as early as possible.
  • gravitacoesgravitacoes November 2009
    Hello, I would like to download the file. Tazpkg, but i can not. You could post again, please?

  • babaorumbabaorum November 2009
    Hmmm, this tracker host is not really reliable, it does not let me seed the package file via the torrent file. How could anyone leech it in these conditions !? :-Z
    I'm uploading the package file on a free file hoster. I will upgrade the info as soon as done.
  • gravitacoesgravitacoes November 2009
    Thank you, finally managed to install the OpenOffice!!

  • babaorumbabaorum November 2009
    grats :) happy to you

    just to get it up: though I cannot remember *who* packed this tazpkg (thanks to him): it's not me. I'm just the postman, in some of a way.
  • revenazrevenaz November 2010
    How did you install it ?
  • kultexkultex November 2010
    that was the old cooking, but I think, it should work also in the new cooking - if you have troubles see this thread:

    on the commandline this should work as root (you need lots of RAM):

    tazpkg get-install get-openoffice3 && get-openoffice3

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