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[solved] wine & mscorefonts
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    I have trouble running PS7 on Wine. On other distribution I could install mscorefonts from the wine repository. In Slitaz however, I don't know how to add sources other than tazpkg.

    PS says it need Windows System Fonts to work whenever I use the Text-tool.
  • kultexkultex May 2010
    its already in

    so it will be available soon -or you try the recept
  • mojomojo May 2010
    Cooked and tested get-msttcorefonts-1.00.tazpkg from wok-undigest
    Download url :
    md5sum: 14b6dae67518d78c7bd028c093200770

    Install get script:
     root@slitaz: tazpkg install /path/to/get-msttcorefonts-1.00.tazpkg

    Use get script to download/install fonts:
    root@slitaz: get-msttcorefonts

    Create msttcorefonts-2.0.tazpkg from install for backup archive
    root@slitaz: tazpkg repack msttcorefonts
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    thanks! works like a charm now!

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