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failed to login.. again.
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    I read you get this message quite frequently when adding a new user. fine. now 2 questions:

    1. on my system I added one new user but deleted it in the same session. now after restart I just can't login at all, except root. heeelp? I don't want the new user! I just want default normal user "tux" back & to have it starting as default user with autologin at best.. (like it was before)
    2. if this is not working, why not simply disable the feature of adding new users?
  • kultexkultex May 2010
    1) boot with cd or stick and repair it or install new

    2) I think it will work in next version of SliTaz
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    oh good.. for now I was not able to repair it by copying etc/skel to my home folder.. had to reinstall for now.. too bad I run in xorg trouble everytime I do so, but this time I finally figured it out myself how to do it.. so this must be the learning curve eceryone talks about .. :)
  • FilouFilou May 2010
    It seems that skel does not contain all needed information or the owner/rights flags are not properly set automatically.
    I use a customized version of rootfs.gz to boot from grub directly (frugal install). I unpacked rootfs, made my changes (incl. setting up a new user and setting own passwords for root and user) and it runs smoothly.

    Before using "adduser" I copied /home/tux to /home/[user] though, so I had a running home directory. You shouldn´t forget to chown/chgrp (-R) this directory to [user] then, otherwise you won´t be able to login.



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