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  • newportbobnewportbob November 2009
    Enjoyed my initital efforts playing with Slitaz (I'm closer to the newbie end of the spectrum than the expert). Unetbootin link was broken (coincided with loss of your mirrors ?), so I downloaded the iso image and selected the iso burn. Really like the Slitaz Package GUI. Downloaded the linux source, and was successfully able to compile and insmod the Broadcom wireless Linux STA driver (wl.ko) for Dell Inspiron 1525. Am a little alarmed that the File manager appears to automatically mount all drives, and/or something ( FreeDesktop?) is polling the /hda device when listing the processes. Any way to isolate my hard drive (/hda ?) for safety/security reasons if I want to ? Using a USB stick forces a new way of thinking about swaps. tazusb allows creation of a swap file, but if it is resident in the rootfs, then it is loaded into memory -- sort of defeats the whole purpose (?) ... Also, guessing that I somehow screwed up the mount point, since saving the file system using tazusb writefs left it at the base, and as in another discussion, appears the tux directory disappears when that happens (why ?) ... Guessing much of this might have been answered in the old/lost discussions ... but overall, Great Work ! ...

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