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some issues
  • devl547devl547 April 2010
    1. Xorg doesn't find keyboard and mouse (xorg now uses udev, not hal!)
    2. Looks like recent segfaults were caused by busybox. When I replaced it with one from cooking livecd (build with gcc 4.4) everything went back to normal. Also it needs a version bump (1.16.1 is stable now)
    3. I cannot cook anything now - it seems to be some gcc problem (C compiler cannot create executables). Before the gcc bump everything was normal.
    Any ideas?
  • confirm busybox segfaults.

  • devl547devl547 May 2010
    third problem gone after reinstallation. but still have xorg issues ^_^''
  • jozeejozee May 2010
    devl547 : You are right. I have posted earlier that we know slitaz new toolchain, having recently released gcc 4.5.0, is not behaving well with busybox and optimization parameters. We are working on finding a solution and will soon take a decision. If nothing works, we need to downgrade gcc to gcc4.4. I think we should announce this so that all devs know about it.

    Edit: For the latest xorg 1.8 in cooking repos, we are currently utilizing hal rather than udev. We will drop hal once xorg gets more stable (
  • devl547devl547 May 2010
    jozee, strange. My keyboard and mouse dont work since xorg update. afaik, when I used gentoo it was caused by one of these problems:
    1. need to rebuild all xorg drivers
    2. problems with hal
  • jozeejozee May 2010
    devl547 : Your problem is definitely strange. I think we need to stablize slitaz-toolchain and busybox first. I believe many of the current problems are caused due to this. Xorg1.8 is also very recently released. So, problems are bound to be there.
  • devl547devl547 May 2010
    xorg fixed by adding "AllowEmptyInput" "false" to xorg.conf
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