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How to block Wine from internet access?
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    I am afraid that Wine and windows applications might possibly pull in malware from the internet.

    Is it possible in Slitaz to write a small script to put in the slitaz menu that first disconnects the net and then starts a windows program in Wine? or even better: have Wine blocked from accessing to the net at all?
  • mark60mark60 April 2010
    Perhaps the easiest way is to stop your network interface. You can do this as root with the following command: ifconfig "your network iface" down.
    Your network iface would be something like eth0 or wlan0, each system can be different but those would be most common. If you mouse over the network icon at the lower right of your screen the text popup should tell you. When you're finished with wine you can restart it with the same command but use up instead of down. Slitaz should remake the connection automatically.
  • sanekssaneks May 2010
    Just for everyone being able to understand how this works: I create a textfile named "wine_program" with .sh ending with this content.. (in my case network is : wlan0) and write:

    ifconfig wlan0 down
    wine "/folder/where/wine/program file/is/program.exe"

    then I open my terminal in the folder where I created the file
    (in pcmanfm F4) and write:

    chmod +x

    now the textfile is an executable script. after that I can add the script to my menu or create a keybind in :


    Please, someone can provide a link on how to edit the main menu entries?

    Where to save the script to it's recognized by the lxpanel?

    I will edit this topic to have the solution in 1st post or put the instructions to the wiki.. I guess the topic is interesting..

    and please correct my mistakes :) - thanks.

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