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How to remove the own directory folder on the dektop
  • kultexkultex November 2009
    I am using now slitaz for an art-project and I have to remove this blody folder - it should be in /home/tux/Desktop - but there is nothing, even not hidden - it only goes away not letting pcmanfm control the desktop - but I need the wellpaper
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    You can use feh or hsetroot for the wallpaper instead of pcmanfm. ~/.config/openbox/ has hsetroot command commented. You can use it.
  • erniaernia March 2010
    thanks for the tip. the hsetroot command points to /usr/share/images/slitaz-background.png while the image is a jpg, changing the extension let hsetroot do its job.

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