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Howto for truecrypt on slitaz ! Part Two!
  • PayoonPayoon November 2009

    Howto for truecrypt on slitaz ! Part Two!

    Truecrypt should now have executable file in /usr/local/bin

    Now You have to add that directory /usr/local/bin to Your PATH

    so in the file .profile add the two following lines:


    export PATH

    To start Truecrypt You cando it as user or as root. If You want to access ntfs-containers You have to start from root.

    But for both starting as root or as user You have to do the following:

    In the GUI go to [Settings] => [Preferences] => [Mount Options] and in the field [Mount Options] type: ntfs-3g.

    The go [Settings] => [Preferences] => [System Integration] and activate : Do not use kernel cryptographic services

    R E B O O T!

    It seems all a bit complicated and it took also some time to find out all the tricks but now it works well. Have fun!


  • seawolfseawolf November 2009
    Thanks for your posts.

    I recently build TrueCrypt 6.2 from source myself, quite pain free.

    I've worked out the dependencies are:
    1. - RSA PKCS-11 //
    1.1 -xorg-libXxf86vm //
    2. - FUSE / FUSE-dev //
    3. - wxWidgets

    Perhaps you could package it with the settings you've listed here?
    Perhaps they are stored in ~/.truecrypt or something similar?

    I got around the /usr/local/bin issue by using PREFIX=. to dump the installed directories & files in to the current directory. You can then move it to ./usr/bin/


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