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Tazwok could not build current Wine
  • KdE_KdE_ April 2010
    I have changed the Wine reciept to build 1.1.43 and added the needed dependency Bison. But it wont compile, after 5 minutes compiling it fails.

    # SliTaz package receipt.

    SHORT_DESC="Windows API for Linux."
    DEPENDS="alsa-lib libxml2 libxslt libgl libglu xorg-libICE xorg-libSM
    xorg-libX11 xorg-libXau xorg-libXdmcp xorg-libXext libgphoto2 libtool lcms \
    nvidia esound"
    BUILD_DEPENDS="flex bison xorg-dev mesa-dev"

    # Rules to configure and make the package.
    cd $src
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --infodir=/usr/share/info \
    --mandir=/usr/share/man $CONFIGURE_ARGS &&
    make &&
    make DESTDIR=$PWD/_pkg install

    # Rules to gen a SliTaz package suitable for Tazpkg.
    mkdir -p $fs/usr/lib/wine $fs/usr/share
    cp -a $_pkg/usr/bin $fs/usr
    cp -a $_pkg/usr/share/wine $fs/usr/share
    cp -a $_pkg/usr/share/applications $fs/usr/share
    cp -a $_pkg/usr/lib/lib* $fs/usr/lib
    cp -a $_pkg/usr/lib/wine/*.so $fs/usr/lib/wine

    modprobe snd-seq 2>/dev/null

    Compiltime error is "ipstats.c: In function ‘AllocateAndGetIpForwardTableFromStack’: " which says nothing to me.
  • jozeejozee April 2010
    Upgraded wine to 1.1.43:

    In my unclean wok, it builds fine. Sorry, I don't have the right answer but it is some build dependency issue. Make sure you have "slitaz-dev-pkgs" installed. This may help to fing missing BUILD_DEPENDS:
  • KdE_KdE_ April 2010
    Wine want to use /usr/include/net/route.h from glibc which includes /usr/include/linux/route.h which then has the define directives which are needed.
    In the ipstats.c code is a ifdef check for Have_net_route_h
    The autogenerated file config.h look like the file is not found. Althought this is not true.

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