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Install Problem
  • Blal0ckBlal0ck April 2010
    Tried to install it through VirtualBox but when I need to enter a partition I cant find how to write
    this character >>> "/" ... it just gives me "-" instead. Couldnt find it anywhere else on the keyboard...weird...on windows it recognizes
    it correctly.
  • trikutriku April 2010
    While starting the Live CD you can choose your keyboard layout (SliTaz language configuration). Did you try different settings?
  • Blal0ckBlal0ck April 2010
    Hey good idea )
    I'll try
  • ouioui April 2010
    Warum benützt Ihr eigentlich nicht die englischsprachige Subdivision?
    Kann wohl nicht lesen (::) ... Will aber einen Computer bedienen ;-)

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