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boot slitaz in ext4
  • prabirshresthaprabirshrestha November 2009
    even though not officially supported now, how to do install slitaz in ext4. or at least convert install in ext3 then convert to ext4 later on.
    what are the patches needed for the kernel to boot ext4?
  • ouioui November 2009

    I think it is not the best idea to try to install slitaz in ext4. I have Debian Sid in ext4 and problem with reading of fat32 :-(( in Debian. I have Puppy 4.31 able to make both (but using ext2 in his *.sfs-files :-)) !). to work with my files in fat32 partitions now, I need to tranfer them using Puppy 4.31 (restart + restart !).

    all gparted versions are not able to process ext4 partitions and it is probably the same for other programms.

    as you see, the limitations are really terrible and not to recommand at all!

  • prabirshresthaprabirshrestha November 2009
    Heres the tazpkg tat has to be installed in slitz in order to format to ext4 using gparted.

    download the above file
    tazpgk install e2fsprogs-fsck-1.41.7.tazpkg

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