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Best wiki?
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    Slitaz might replace its wiki so what is the best lightweight wiki?

    Some wikis combine forum-like features like discussion pages or blog-like comments at the bottom of pages.

    You could have a wiki instead of a forum instead of a wiki.

    Thank you.
  • panksopankso November 2009

    I'm working on a new community platform who (will) have a Wiki-like content type and some more cool stuff to let user share around SliTaz. The plateform is still in a configuration stage but everyone is welcome to check and make feedback or suggestion:

    - Christophe
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    Looks good. Maybe we also put links to handbook documentations (in Navigation panel) so that we integrate all the documentations in one place. A new user would only have to look on wiki for any type of documentation. Forum posts that detail hardware/software troubleshooting can also be linked/reposted on the wiki.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Are wikis with image galleries and blogs heavyweight?

    Are html wikis a security risk?

    What wiki are you using?

    Thank you.
  • panksopankso November 2009
    @slicel For the new community site I used Drupal with some additionnal modules to have a wiki like behavor, image galleries and blog-like posts. Drupal i not "light" but not so heavyweight. Hope having an all-in-one platform for users will make the site quite active. And no, html (flat file db) wiki are not security risk, Dokuwiki is a nice tool for example.

    @jozee Yes we have to link to the Handbook: I just installed the i18n module to translate menus and the diff module for the wiki revision fonction.

    - Christophe

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