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AWSOME !!! it boot fast from usb
  • steph291steph291 November 2010
    Hi everyone
    I will install this distro on thinkpad a21m with 384 mb ram and 20gb hd.
    it's pain in the a... because I don't have a cdrom drive...
  • Tot_koWo_neTTot_koWo_neT November 2010
    you have several options.
    1) if you have GRUB or another boot loader. you can simply copy from the iso image in the folder / boot files bzImage, vmlinuz- (the kernel) and rootfs.gz (image filesystems). for the GRUB menu.lst file written
    title SliTaz boot (Kernel
    kernel (hd0, 0) / slitaz / boot / bzImage root = / dev / null vga = 792
    initrd (hd0, 0) / slitaz / boot / rootfs.gz
    2) create a Live USB using a utility tazusb

    booting from USB slitaz.3.0.iso mount in / media / cdrom
    # Mount-o loop-t iso9660 slitaz.3.0.iso / media / cdrom
    and can run the installation script
  • Tot_koWo_neTTot_koWo_neT November 2010
    # mount -o loop -t iso9660 slitaz.3.0.iso /media/cdrom
    translator has ditched a string(
  • steph291steph291 November 2010
    done ! installed on harddrive !
    Chrome is working, flash also !
    Now what about my pcmcia dwl-650+ wireless card ?
    Googling and I found an interesting site :
    But it's a little bit complicated
    chipset : acx100

    thanks for any help !
  • mojomojo November 2010
    I have the same chipset on a zycell pci wireless adapter.
    The easy solution that fully supports WPA security is to install slitaz-2.0.iso
    Use tazndiswrapper which is included to install the winxp drivers
    I found ndiswrapper is broken on slitaz-3.0 , the adapters radio receives the access point's broadcast but no dhcp assigned or network connectivity with a fixed ip address.
    If you want to try ndiswrapper on slitaz-3.0 you have to install it:
    perl-core, ndiswrapper-driver, tazndis tazpkgs in that order
    The acx100 open source driver would have to be compiled and doesn't provide WPA security.
  • steph291steph291 November 2010
    will try solution 2 before reinstalling slitaz-2 ...
    I tried pclinuxos which was fine but kde4 mess'd up plasma
    lost my desktop and I had enough... so lets try slitaz I should say
  • steph291steph291 November 2010
    I just installed slitaz 2.0...
    there's no google chrome package :(
    ahhhh :( I have no sound !!!

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