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What Games/Emulators would you like to see in SliTaz?
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    Hey, I'm busy converting over packages from debian lenny and thought I would ask what you guys would like to see in SliTaz.

    So far I've converted The Mana world (TMW) Client (and dependacies), ManaPlus (a more feature rich TMW client), ScummVM, VisualBoy Advance (and GTK front-end) and ZSNES - my goal is to convert them over with the least amount of extra dependacies.

    Anyway, give a shout here and I'll try to do a conversion. Also suggestions where I can put packages bigger than 2MB would also be welcome. Web host restriction... *sigh*.

    EDIT: I have most of the packages up @ - I still need to find a host for ScummVM because it's too big for my host (3.1MB).
    EDIT2: Currently hosting ScummVM on with the forwarding link in the right place - Enjoy :P
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh September 2010

    Here's the situation about theses games in cooking :
    The mana world is in undigest wok, I guess it will be added in cooking.
    Zsnes was just added in cooking by Christophe Roger
    I'm working on a visualboy advance receipt for SliTaz since yesterday because I saw your post about it in package suggestion. Sound like a good idea.
    ScummVM is really a good idea : a great soft supporting great games.
    I never played manaplus and never heard anything about adding it in SliTaz.

    convert is a good way to add some packages in current stable, but making receipt is better because we can add packages in repository then, and because it's better optimized for SliTaz. But all theses packages will not be avaible in stable before 4.0, so I guess that peoples using current stable appreciate your work.

    If someone ask you for other converted package, I will see if I can make a receipt for next stable.

    About host : maybe you can ask for space on in mailing list.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    One suggestion I have is that you could maybe make a receipt for snes9x-gtk.

    The package supposably requires the pulse libraries, but when I tried the 'source' version of it, it ran fine without them. This makes me believe that some Ubuntu and Debian packages 'require' packages they don't really need.
  • molmol September 2010

    Why not create an optimized Slitaz Gamer Emulator flavor ?

    But for sure, too heavy emultors have no place on Slitaz. Non sense to have a PS2 emulator on Slitaz. GameBoy advance is good idea
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh September 2010
    @mol: "Non sense to have a PS2 emulator on Slitaz", I disagree. As SliTaz is one of the lightest distro you can find, have heavy apps on it can be a good idea because more resources are available for them.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    Er, out of boredom I converted over pcsx-df. It's a PSX emulator that could run PS2 and PS3 with the right bios file loaded. Will upload it to the website in a second...

    EDIT: Ok, it's up @ now :P
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh September 2010
    scummvm & beneath a steel sky added in cooking repository :

    packages will be available soon in tazbb packages repository :

    they will be available in main cooking repository at next sync.

    I don't know if you can use them with stable.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    ScummVM just requires SDL and optionally the MAD, Flac and Ogg decoders - it should run on any system that provides them. If the SDL version is the same in cooking as in stable, then it should run without problems. I used the Slackware version for my conversion rather than the Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu ones, because they all require pulseaudio.

    As for beneath a steel sky, it's just the game's data files, so it should run on any system with ScummVM to use them.
  • seawolfseawolf September 2010
    Both compile and plays fine on stable :-) (Thanks for now wasting my evening! :-P)
    Watch out for /usr/games though, not sure if ScummVM or BASS should go there instead of /usr/share...
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    DeSmuME - Nintendo DS Emulator is up too. Can someboy please test out DeSmuME and PCSX? I don't have DS ROMS or Playstation ISOs to test them with.

    EDIT: Gave DeSmuME a spin with a smallish DS Rom - Everything seems to be working.
    EDIT2: Upgraded DeSmuME to the latest Ubuntu version - both the glade and gtk interfaces work now.
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh September 2010
    Add frogatto :
    Move scummvm/bass data in /usr/games :
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh September 2010
    @Trixar_za : I compile vba and vba-gtk yesterday. I tested it with zelda a link to the past and sound is dirty. I just test your converted version and have same problem. Can you confirm this ?
  • stopstockstopstock September 2010
    if you don't mind.
    I asked for permission to copy your article in and translate it into my language.
    to be written into my blog.
    so, the people's who don't speak english can get the latest info's.

    (forgive me for my bad english)
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    @Gokhlayeh - The gameboy advance rom? Yes, it's a common issue with vba and gameboy advance roms. It normally has to do with the emulation speed. If it's too slow or too fast the music and sound effects stutter. This also happens with the windows version (I used it prior to switching over to Linux 2 years ago). I do remember another vba project called vba-m that worked better with them. It also had it's own front-end, opengl and cairo support. GBA games always ran faster for me using Cairo. Support for it fell to the wayside after Ubuntu 9.10 came out though...

    @stopstock - Feel Free to translate it.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    Ok... Got a working copy of VBA-M and it runs way faster than the default VBA. The only problem is that it installs to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share :-/
    I might just invent package hacking just to correct this and Zsnes's issues.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    Fixed Zsnes by "Package hacking". It now uses sdl for audio by default.

    All I did was use use tazpkg extract package-name to extract the package, altered the files in the folders and then repackaged them with tazpkg pack package-name-folder/ - as simple as that. Packages like VBA-M need more work though...
  • EponasoftEponasoft September 2010
    A working Sega Genesis emulator would be good. I got Fusion working, it would probably be easy to package.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    I'm going to provide you with some variaty here. I'm converting over Kega Fusion, Gens, Gens/GS, dgen and yabause-gtk.

    I'm considering doing a convert on multi-system emulators like XE, Mame and mednafen.

    At the moment I also have a couple of 'command line' emulators like dgen, fceu, tintin++ and TinyFugue. I prefer something with a GUI though. Not sure if other people feel the same way. I'm looking to gfceu as a front end for fceu though...

    I will release them all when I've tested them properly. Sorry for the delay, but seems my list of emulators just keep growing... :P
  • stopstockstopstock September 2010
    I've translated it. there are some sentences that I was a little difficult to translate.
    I understand the meaning of the sentence. but I am a little bit confused to set it into my language.

    we are waiting for further news :)
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    @stopstock well done with the translation. Btw, I remember you had problems with Blender right?

    This is what I got when I ran it from terminal:
    root@trixarian:/home/brenton# blender
    Compiled with Python version 2.5.1.
    Checking for installed Python... got it!

    I just tried it and it worked. So maybe all you need to install is python to make it work? (Sorry, I know it's off topic...)
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    I added yabause, mednafen, kega fusion, gens, vba-m and several command line based emulators and mud clients. Enjoy :P

    For those who are wondering how to setup mednafen's controls:
    Start up any game and then press Alt+Shift+1 at the game window. It will now show you a message at the bottom of the screen indicating which button your busy configuring. You press each key you wish to bind to that button twice before it moves on to the next one. Continue this until it says Configuration Complete at the bottom. You must do this once for each console system, but after that it should be the default for every other game emulated with that console system.
  • seawolfseawolf October 2010
    Wow, great efforts. I should imagine that an emulation ISO would boot quicker than the proper console! We just need "80's plastic smell in a can" and we're set!
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    @seawolf - I tend to find that the roms and ISO - when they are translated - also come with many bug fixes, so generally the emulated game is way better than it would have been on a console. For example all the ScummVM games have mouse support even for the early games that never had them.

    I added Snes9x-GTK and Mupen64 Plus (a N64 Emulator) to the list and got rid of the cli ones. Why use cli based emulators if you can just as easily use one with a GUI I wonder? I'm working on Hatari and Stella, both of which are pretty good Atari emulators with their own GUI built in. All they really need is a proper shortcut so people don't have to access them through the terminal. So a pretty quick and simple package hack when I get to it. So far Mednafen FE has been my biggest package hack to date.
  • godanegodane October 2010
    I just added gens-gs to wok. I plan on adding mupen64 and snes9x-gtk soon to wok.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    Updated ManaPlus, libenet1 and libphysfs packages (symlinks to the lib files to match the stupid Ubuntu Maverick renames that ManaPlus is expecting...). Also added the two dependacies I "missed" even though it runs perfectly well without them.
  • DeagonDeagon October 2010
    OpenTTD? im sure i seen a link to it in cooking repo somewhere, but the package wasnt there.

    but then again, the original TTD win95 with 'owens ttd patch" runs perfectly in wine under xp mode
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    @ Deagon - I tried the latest versions and SliTaz just doesn't have the right combonation of packages to make the ubuntu or debian packages work (which makes me understand why it's only avaliable in cooking...), but I got OpenTTD 0.6.2 to work perfectly.

    The down side of this is that you can only use the original game files which needs to be placed in ~/.openttd/data/ - you also may have to rename SAMPLE.CAT to so openttd can find it like I had to. There is also no music because that requires freepats and timidity - neither of which SliTaz has :'(

    Anyway, you can grab it here:
  • DeagonDeagon January 2011
    Bumping an old thread here, but What about TORCS or TORCS-NG racing games?

    Actually turns out that TORCS-NG was renamed to 'speed dreams' and given a new site

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za January 2011
    It's probably possible, but it would be one big package.

    Funny enough, one of the requirements, enet, is offered on my site as one of TMW clients dependancies.
  • DeagonDeagon January 2011
    Speed dreams needs

    Slitaz already has;

    OpenAl 1.8 &dev
    libpng 1.2 &dev
    Zlib 1.2.3 &dev
    jpeg 6b &dev
    Xorg-xrandr 1.2.3

    I just need to find Plib and Alut and a decent enough computer (on my craptop :P) before i can try compiling and testing or borrowing the ubuntu .deb (i know there is a deb of 1.4 old)

     ***EDIT*** is Alut already part of the openal package in slitaz? Im guessing no but thought i was worth an ask

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