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slitaz packager manager through proxy
  • parabolica0701parabolica0701 November 2009
    I would like to know how to use slitaz packager manager with a proxy IP.That´s why my internet conection is on eth1 on server.
    I don´t know if it´s possible
  • ErjoErjo November 2009


    export http_proxy="<you_proxy_ip>:<your_proxy_port>"

  • parabolica0701parabolica0701 November 2009
    Thank you Erjo .Will try it.
  • paulofariapaulofaria November 2009
    Hy, but were I take it?
  • claudineiclaudinei November 2009
    Put this line on the .profile file under your home directory (/home/tux/.profile).
  • John_MalonJohn_Malon January 2010
    I'm using SliTaz Cooking, 04 Nov 2009.

    I've added export http_proxy="" to my /home/tux/.profile.

    Now when I use SliTaz Package Manager to "Recharge lists", I receive a brief terminal message "wget: not an http or ftp url:" repeated six times.

    I've had similar issues with Ubuntu in the past and I had to modify the /etc/wgetrc file to allow wget to work properly. Is there something similar in SliTaz?

    Also, Shiretoko works fine when I set the same proxy server within it.

    Thank you for your help. I'm enjoying SliTaz.
  • John_MalonJohn_Malon January 2010
    The syntax I used was incorrect. The correct syntax is:
    export http_proxy=""
    in the /home/tux/.profile file.

    David, thank you for finding my error.

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