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how to install adobe flash on firefox?
  • gabakgabak March 2010
    i want to watch some youtube videos so it say an error when i try to install the adobe flash that pop up on the firefox screen
  • RuppRupp March 2010
    from terminal
    tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin --forced

    I only used the --forced command because some have trouble with installing it sometimes.

  • maxxmaxx March 2010
    or manually install the flashplugin by downloading the source from adobe website (tried on Slackware, haven't tried yet on SliTaz)
  • erniaernia March 2010
    the easiest way is:
    tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin  && get-flash-plugin

    the get-flash-plugin creates a pseudo-package that get installed by the script itself, so you can manage flash-plugin through tazpkg without having in your system files ignored by tazpkg

    This wil work for midori too
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    NB. the doc page is now correct: -- I tested Cooking 20100314 (v3 RC) and flash-plugin- works perfectly and instantly in Firefox/Shiretoko, Midori & Opera; I tell you this so attention is hopefully given to the docs.
  • teotl31teotl31 March 2010
    go to macromedia flash and download flash source
    go to home and go to ./mozilla and create folder with the name plugins and copie the source here and thats all!! restart firefox
    the example
  • tikbalangtikbalang June 2010
    thank you.

    the above post and this comment worked for me:

    tazpkg and the guide did not.
  • erniaernia October 2010
    i'm in 3.0 and i have the real wget installed. executing get-flash-plugin does not work because the script uses
    wget -s
    and the real wget does not know what
    to get the the script to work just replace in /usr/bin/get-flash-plugin every occurence of wget with
    busybox wget

    should i put this in the guide or this fix could go in official get-flash-plugin package?
  • ms3811ms3811 October 2010
    for what it's worth, works fine with SeaMonkey as well.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    @ernia Out of curiosity, why do you use the real wget command? Do you require some flag only avaliable in with it?

    Anyway the normal wget does have a flag -S which does the same thing as -s in busybox, but it would probably be better just to replace the -s in the scripts with --spider because this way the normal wget and the busybox function will know what to do respective of which one is being used by the user.
  • erniaernia October 2010
    your solution is better than mine and pretty straitghforward :-)
    i think that as far the real wget in in the repository slitaz's script should handle wget flags in a compatible way.
    i use the real wget because some script (i can't remember which one now, but not necessarily slitaz's script) was using a flag not avalaible in the busybox one.
  • erniaernia October 2010
    the script needing wget was winetricks

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