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Slitaz Vs Geexbox
  • moulefritemoulefrite March 2010


    I would like to know if it would be possible to make a stripped out Slitaz in aim to obtain a light MediaCenter ?

    The new Geexbox 2.0 weights more than 30 MB . (Slitaz weights the same but do much more ! )

    So what about doing a Slitaz mediacenter flavor of ~ 15 mb ?

  • jozeejozee March 2010
    Good idea. Gokhlayeh has just sent a mail on the mailing list that he has created JustX Enlightenment flavor. Maybe he/someone can put enna media center application for such a flavor.
  • moulefritemoulefrite March 2010

    Mhh ... why not a simply Openbox based media center ?
  • jozeejozee March 2010
    Oh, I thought you want "enna" from geexbox. "enna" uses enlightenment libs.
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh March 2010

    Enna doesn't need all the enlightenment WM to work, and I guess that it will be lighter if we build enna with openbox (I'm not sure), because e17 have a lot of dependencies. Enna have a lot of dependencies too (mplayer, codecs, some enlightenment libs,... ).

    About sizes, the last official justX flavor (openbox and some basics fonctions) take 13-14 MB. The E17 justX flavor I've made is 27MB, but it's not optimized at all. The is several way to light E17 :
    - Compile it with less dependencies and leave somes fonctions.
    - Use a lighter theme (for E17, gtk and icons... the B&K theme is not the lighter we can use)
    - Split enlightenment package in several packages (there are a lot of modules, some are not needed for a basic configuration)

    Put theme and modules in others packages and use only the lightest is a good idea because we don't loose fonctions (we can add theme and module later if we want). Compile with less dependencies mean that the fonctions skiped can't be add later. An option is to compile a very minimal e17 and a full featured one with fonctions splited in several packages. Actually there is enlightenment and enlightenment-pam, but enlightenment can be lightest and enlightenment-pam have some fonctions missing.

    I think that a 20-22MB modularized and full-featured E17 justX is possible (a Slitaz E17 theme, very light, can be used by default). The fact is the compression (lzma) is better with openbox than with E17 because enlightenment use binaries files wich are already compressed. It seems the size of the rootfs is bigger than openbox and the additionnal size take in ram when uncompressed is lighter but finally, e17 is always a bigger WM than openbox.

    I need to learn and test more about theses things, then I will give news about the differents possibilities for a media center flavor, but I'm sure
  • LuXLuX March 2010
    Hello !

    * Go Klah Yeh wrote:
    Actually there is enlightenment and enlightenment-pam, but enlightenment can be lightest and enlightenment-pam have some fonctions missing.

    There are many packages having a "-pam" variant. I don't know what is the difference. The description of the "pam" package itself explains that its name means "Pluggable Authentication Modules". Could you explain what it means?


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