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display problems on cooking 2010.02.21 iso
  • hazelemhazelem February 2010

    according to makers, the latest 'slitaz-cooking-iso' brings only X11
    and no XVESA support - a drawback for many potential users,
    especially if the new standard release 'v3' applies the same
    there are very many machines out there for which no suitable display
    drivers are integrated into the live.iso - which will surely compromise
    the "portability strategy" of a live-system ; XVESA - if not optimally -
    at least works on most machines.
    if the linux community wants to win over users from '' -
    as i gather it does and think it should - then it must take great care
    that the system boots to a usable GUI on justabout any machine,-
    especially important for a live-OS.
    even if this entails a few extra MBs on the live.iso, i consider it to be
    a prerogative for 'a working live-distro' to pack usable display-drivers
    - as parexample 'puppylinux' does.
    you could take as motto : "who cares if it`s .vesa or .org - as long as
    the 'X.' works !".
    for 'slitaz' it should be paramount to fix its approach toward X-drivers.
    ***a sad example of a non-working system is the above 'cooking' on
    one of my machines - with an intel i810 chip (known also for bad
    framebuffer mode support, among other idiosyncrasies).
    +++ bash says to xconfig. ~ : -shadow argument incorrect............
    must i cope with this ? - i never entered any 'arguments' ........ and
    i don`t want to have any - over beer, yoghurt, or whatnot
    (i prefer wine ! - it brings me smoothness in this rough age).

    so, if you want to come out of the shadow, remember :
    there are very many p3 and p4 machines sitting out there
    and crying for a sleek&slim (=lean) OS - go out and get them !
    [even p2 with 128mb ram would be workable with install to hdd]

    regards, hazelem, budapest

  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Hazelem,

    you may know that there exists also materials which are not supported by Xvesa, like my laptop Toshiba Portégé. So what is good for you is not necessarily the best for everybody.

    I understand your requirement for a lighter X server, but:
    1) It seems that there is not so many alternatives between Xorg and Xvesa.
    2) As you probably know also Xvesa is no longer supported by its developpers, and this may be related to its security issues, as explained in the "Desciption" section of the manual

    For all this reasons it is doubtfull that Slitaz, nor any other distro in the next future, will continue to use Xvesa. Of course this is my personal opinion, I'm not a developper.

    Anyway, you may notice that the -shadows option mentionned in your error message is an option of Xvesa, not of Xorg. So very likely this means that somewhere some script calls Xorg with an option of Xvesa, causing an error to occur. A similar bug has already been observed here (in french):
    Hopefully this bug will be fixed in the next release, and maybe Slitaz will then work with Xorg on your computer too.


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