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awesome-window manager for X
  • hectorlopezhectorlopez February 2010
    Hi there, Im using slitaz cooking version 2 in a partition of my computer, I have instaled awesome and my another wm is busybox- and e17 :/ sorry for my bad english, I want know if I need configure .xinitrc and other files, need change and add other codes, and from X can change the default wm to awesome. Thanks all slitaz is a cool project
    cheers from Argentina.
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Hector Lopez,

    you have to change two files: /home/tux/.xinitrc and /etc/slim.conf.

    When you will edit the first one, you will see a list of cases, each one corresponding to a different wm. Add one more case for awesome, probably like this:
    case $1 in
    exec enlightenment_start ;;
    exec openbox-session ;;
    exec dwm-session ;;
    lxpanel &
    exec jwm ;;
    exec awesome ;;
    exec $WM ;;

    Also modify the line setting the defautl wm (probably "WM=openbox-session" which should be changed to "WM=awesome").

    In /etc/slim.conf, look for the for the line starting with "sessions" and add awesome as the first one (it is the default) like this:
    # Available sessions (first one is the default).
    # The current chosen session name is replaced in the login_cmd
    # above, so your login command can handle different sessions.
    # see the xinitrc.sample file shipped with slim sources
    sessions awesome,openbox,e17,jwm

    Restart Slitaz. Awesome will be the default wm. If you want to use another one, press repeatdly the F1 key when you're in front of slim's login window.

  • hectorlopezhectorlopez February 2010
    thanks for your reply, I will add these codes to my files, and I post a capture in the arts of slitaz :D


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