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how to remove a package and all its unneeded dependencies?
  • erniaernia February 2010
    I've decided to try to use slitaz in an usb key starting from the desktop flavor and installing-removing software to make slitaz more suitable to my needs. I like midori as web browser so i would like to uninstall netsurf and all of its dependencies wich are not required from some other packages. Unless i'm missing something it seems that tazpkg doesn't have a mode like pacman -Rs in Archlinux or orphaner in Debian and just remove the package leaving some unrequired libs , like e.g. librsvg and libcroco in the netsurf case.
    I think that should be possible to get this behavior with a shell script using tazpkg depends and tazpkg rdepends.
    Does someone already have done this or am i supposed to try by myself realizing once again how I can be a bad script writer? :-)
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Ernia,

    are you meaning a script that takes as input the name of a package P and produces as output the list of installed packages on which P depends, and no other installed package depends? Or a script which takes no input at all and generates the list of all orphan packages (packages on which no other package depend), asking for each of them if one want to remove them?

    I've never heard about this for Slitaz. Note that each time you remove a package Q with "tazpkg remove", if some installed package depends on Q tazpkg displays a warning message and asks for confirmation, so... starting from Netsurf for example, you can try to remove recursively each dependency without any risk.

    Nevertheless I think that you have had a pretty good idea.

    Best regards,
  • erniaernia February 2010
    I would like both the behaviors :-)
    Thanks for your answer
  • FilouFilou May 2010
    Hi ernia, Hi LuX,

    afaIk tazpkg remove just informs you if you uninstall a package that others depend on. Therefore it should be necessary to view dependencies "in both directions" (with both depends and rdepends option respectively).

    For the time being, since I sought for some squeezing possibility searching for orphaned packages i wrote a small script and published it in this forum (you should find it clicking on my profile, I think).

    ... bugs come in through open windows ...


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