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add fonts
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    I think as root you paste your fonts folder in /usr/share/fonts with the same permissions properties as the existing folders.

    I do not know if all fonts work.
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    how can i add fonts to slitaz? what font files are valid?
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    i copied a few font files into /usr/share/fonts but it didn't seem to work. i don't want the entire \windows\fonts folder, just a few common web fonts.
  • rodrigorodrigo October 2009
    Well, look at the slitaz manual in "X Window System" section.
    There you'll find what you are looking for...

  • slicelslicel October 2009
    Abiword sees /usr/share/fonts/newfolder/newfont.ttf

    Other programs or font types might not work.
  • tikbalangtikbalang October 2009
    so new fonts has to be in its own folder? sorry, i have yet to run fd-cache.
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    I did not try without a new folder so I only know that a new folder worked.

    Abiword listed ttf, fon, and pcf but only rendered ttf correctly.

    I did not run fd-cache. I used pcman and paste.

    You might be able to paste a font into an existing folder.
  • cpcnwcpcnw October 2009
    I made a ~/.fonts folder then copied over verdana.ttf, tahoma.ttf, arial.ttf to that folder

    I think I then cd'ed into that folder and # fc-cache

    Thats all - I think its like this in the handbook

    Anyway, it worked fine :)
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    Will the cache command make fon and pcf work in abiword?

    Thank you.
  • TdeMTdeM November 2009
    Just figured out how to add some microsoft fonts to Slitaz, might be useful to others.

    Use the package manager to install cabextract (as root).
    tazpkg get-install cabextract

    create a directory ~/.fonts/truetype

    Go to, click download, then download all the fonts(.exe) on the page, if you agree to the license agreement of course.

    Extract the fonts from the exe using cabextract

    cabextract -d ./ andale32.exe arial32.exe arialb32.exe comic32.exe courie32.exe georgi32.exe impact32.exe tahoma32.exe times32.exe trebuc32.exe verdan32.exe webdin32.exe

    Move all the .ttf files into ~/.fonts/truetype


    Your shiny new fonts courtesy of microsoft should now work!
  • CyberbreeCyberbree March 2010
    Hi Guys,

    i tried everything proposed in this thread. Unfortunatly i don't see any of the new fonts in openoffice writer (the one which is in the slitaz repos)

    I loose my mind on this....

    Any help?
  • CyberbreeCyberbree April 2010
    I don't now what happend. But it seems that copy the windows fonts from the windows fonts dir does not work. Just putting the sharpfonts in the /usr/share/fonts directory works fine. Without fc-cache....Times New Roman and Arial are sufficiant for daily work.

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