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  • LineaLinea February 2010
    I've noticed leafpad doesn't display file names properly and (heavens above) mpd gives off a
    path: invalid filesystem charset: iso8859-1 error.

    #G_FILENAME_ENCODING=iso8859-1 in /etc/profile seems to fix?
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Linéa,

    if your text files (and their names) use UTF-8 encoding you must use Sliaz with this encoding. If they are in Latin1 (iso8859-1) you must use Slitaz with the Latin1 encoding. Otherwise non-ascii caracters will not be displayed properly, not only in files names (in pcmanfm or in xterm)
    but also in the text files themselves (in a terminal, with less, nano, vi, and so on, but in graphic applications like leafpad you won't have any problem) some error messages, and so on.

    To switch the system from one encoding to another is not simple, and does not involve only the single variable you mention (far from it).

    This being said, what is your encoding and what is your question exactly?

  • LineaLinea February 2010
    Hi LuX

    Here's the contents of my 'env' command:

    PAGER=less -EM

    Sorry, I didn't realize we was in the middle of upgrading.
  • LuXLuX February 2010
    Hello Linea,

    your environment variables are coherent: locale is set to 'C', which is the default. I suppose that with this value of LC_ALL and LANG your Slitaz is in english with encoding iso8859-1 (or perhaps a subset of this encoding). The value of G_FILENAME_ENCODING is then perfectly adapted, and a priori shouldn't be changed.

    Of course with an iso8859-1 encoding system you cannot display properly non-ascii characters encoded in UTF-8 (in xterm, but graphical application like mousepad may display it well... I'm not sure). And conversely with a system using UTF-8 encoding, non ascii characters encoded in iso8859-1 won't be properly displayed either. Similarly if you keep your system as it is and change only the value of G_FILENAME_ENCODING to utf-8 (which I wouldn't recommand since it won't be coherent), non-ascii caracters in file names will be displayed properly for UTF-8 encoded files but unproperly for iso8859-1 encoded files.

    I don't know what you want to choose: keep iso8859-1 encoding or switch to UTF-8. This is not a question of version of Slitaz: I'm using Slitaz 2.0 with UTF-8. Slitaz 3.0 will offer an even better (if not perfect) support for UTF-8, but you will be able to keep Slitaz 3.0 in iso8859-1 if you prefer (and I don't know what wil be the default). On the other hand if you intend to switch to UTF-8 it is probably smarter to wait for the next version of Slitaz, which may allow you to do it in a simpler way than right now.

    It's up to you, the only thing you have to take care of is to avoid as much as possible to mix different encodings (which is what you are already doing now since you have UTF-8 encoded files in an iso8859-1 environment). If you frequently exchange files with another system, it would be safer to use the same encoding in Slitaz than in this system in order to avoid conflicts (this is precisly why I need UTF-8 at home: it is the encoding used in my office).

  • LineaLinea March 2010
    File names and mpd working OK now with latest updates.


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