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Wake on Lan WOL
  • TomTom January 2010
    Hello, I'm just a slitaz newbie but already Fan!!!! It's great.
    Ok, my question: how can I install a WOL soft on slitaz in order to wake another computer?
    Thanks a lot!

    Bonjour, je suis nouveau sur slitaz et j'adore!
    Une question: comment puis-je installer un soft gérant le WOL pour réveiller d'autres ordi?

  • cavalier911cavalier911 January 2010
    Open terminal,type
  • TomTom January 2010
    Thanks a lot cavalier for your answer.
    I still have a problem: I type "ether-wake MAC" where MAC is the mac address of my computer to wol but I got an error...
    Do I miss something? Thanks!
  • TomTom January 2010
    Ok, I found it!
    Because my interface was wlan0 I had to type:
    "ether-wake -i wlan0 MAC"
    Thanks again cavalier that's fantastic!!!

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