This is the old SliTaz forum - Please use the main works in browser but not command line... ipv6 settings?
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    On a fresh install of SliTaz cooking... I can browse in Firefox, but I can't connect using tazpkg on the command line (or GUI package manager). I get:

    [code]wget: bad address ''[/code]

    On a recent CentOS install (same network) I had similar problems with 'yum'; I solved it by disabling ipv6 support. Any thoughts how to change this setting in SliTaz?
  • minilinminilin January 2010
    What say >lsmod<? Is ipv6 found?<br />I have only 2.0 and this have no ipv6.
    Here wget not problem.
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    Thanks for your help!

    You are correct; no ipv6 according to lsmod... any other theories?

    Sometimes I get the error "wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable" but usually it's just "wget: bad address ''

    ps my first post on the new forums, and I accidentally posted in the Deutsch forum... how can I move this to the English forum?
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    I am upgrading. :) I switched mirrors to and it is working.

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