This is the old SliTaz forum - Please use the main works in browser but can't tazpkg from command line
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    Hello SliTazians, I have a strange problem... I can browse the web normally, however, many websites are un-pingable from the terminal, and I cannot use tazpkg (or the GUI package manager).

    Sometimes I get the error "wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable" but usually I just get the error "wget: bad address ''

    Any theories?
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    I am upgrading. :) I switched mirrors to and it is working.

    I still don't understand why some addresses don't work from the terminal, but do from the browser?
  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
  • mojomojo January 2010
    greetings snowpine,

    Is your version of tazpkg 3.1 ?

    Try this in xterm as root to upgrade to tazpkg version 3.2


    tazpkg recharge


    tazpkg get-install tazpkg


    tazpkg recharge

    Twice, no more errors.

  • snowpinesnowpine January 2010
    Thanks for trying to help Mojo but that didn't fix it. For example, get-flash-plugin works OK, but get-opera returns a wget error. Same with pinging certain addresses. It's like the terminal cannot "see" certain parts of the internet.

    Could there perhaps be a problem with my router or ISP?

    Just tested with a SliTaz 1.0 live Cd and it works OK.

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