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TAZLITO helping
  • MohammadMohammad January 2010
    Hi every body
    I installed slitaz on my HDD and install my favorite package by tazpkg .
    NOW , How i can generate my new ISO image with TAZLITO ?
    PLEASE guide me step by step ...
    Thanks alot.
  • pre_historic94pre_historic94 January 2010
    Click Menu > System Tools > Tazlito LiveCD Tool
  • pre_historic94pre_historic94 January 2010
    Double Post.
  • MohammadMohammad January 2010
    when i run tazlito and from system TAB @ first i click CLEAN DISTRO then i click GEN DISTRO after that many lines has been complete and at the end the message of [ UNABLE TO FIND A DISTRO ROOTFS ... ] was appeard !!!
    can any one help me STEP BY STEP ??!!!
  • LuXLuX January 2010
    Hello Mohammad,

    if you can read french, you may have a look here :



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