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  • turbotomturbotom February 2011
    I found the newsletter from google, and it is the only place i can find it on the internet. Is there any way to get this as a stand alone package?
  • TotoetsasoeurTotoetsasoeur February 2011
    I think you spell it wrong, this is why you did not find it on www. It should be xorg-xf86-input-plpevtch.

    I am not sure you're using slitaz. If yes:

    Go to Packages ( and look simply for xorg-xf86-input-plpevtch-0.5.0.tazpkg.

  • turbotomturbotom February 2011
    I may have spelled it wrong, but that miss spelling brought me to the newsletter where it is spelled xorg-xf86-input-plpevtouch. Thanks for the help, though. If i can get it working I may switch to slitaz

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