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No fsck?
  • ChillyWillyChillyWilly February 2011

    Hi. SliTaz is very cool, but I was going to use it from a USB stick to repair my hard disk. Then I found out there is no fsck, and it doesn't seem to exist in the available packages. Is there really no fsck? That seems so weird. Is there some way to get it?


  • ErjoErjo February 2011

    e2fsck contain e2fsprog

    Tips: search engine for packages, files receipt...
  • seawolfseawolf February 2011
    Check running GParted, then right-clicking the partition. It should have a "Check" option. True one cannot configure it's options, but it's there.

    /sbin/e2fsck on my v3 system is provided by e2fsprogs.
  • ChillyWillyChillyWilly February 2011
    Thanks, Seawolf. That's one way to get it.

    Erjo, thanks but I don't understand. e2fsprogs was installed, and then I installed e2fsprogs-dev to make sure. But I still can't use fsck or e2fsck. SliTaz tells me it never heard of them.

    Best wishes,
  • ErjoErjo February 2011
    Which version of Slitaz ?

    Here ise what i have:

    erjo@beastie:~$ tazpkg list-files e2fsprogs

    Installed files with : e2fsprogs
    34 files installed with e2fsprogs.


    erjo@beastie:~$ e2fsck      
    Usage : e2fsck [-panyrcdfvtDFV] [-b super-bloc] [-B taille-de-bloc]
            [-I nombre-blocs-du-tampon-i-noeuds] [-P taille-i-noeud-processus]
            [-l|-L fichiers-des-blocs-défectueux] [-C fd] [-j journal-extern

    Try to install e2fsck again.

    # tazpkg get-install e2fsprogs --forced


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