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How to set up printing?
  • xmfclickxmfclick January 2011
    Is the printing subsystem enabled by default? Only, when I go to "Manage Printing" I get an error message "can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:631".

    On the Slitaz documentation website there seems to be no section dealing with printing.
  • xmfclickxmfclick January 2011
    @Totoetsasoeur: Thanks for the link. However, although I appear to already have CUPS installed, it obviously isn't up and running, as I still get the error message when I try http://localhost:631/  How do you get CUPS to start automatically?

    Also, there is no /etc/cupsd.conf file, but there *is* an /etc/cups/cupsd.conf -- ???
  • babaorumbabaorum January 2011
    Hi !
    Slitaz menu >> System tools >> Control box >> "Initialization" tab >> run daemons
    Add "cupsd". Not sure if there is a specific ordered to prefer about cups, related to others daemons already noted.

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