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Graphics Driver: VIA Chrome9
  • kasumikasumi January 2011
    Hello. I've got some problems getting my VIA Chrome 9 graphics driver working. I've found and read this thread, (I don't speak Español) but still it doesn't work.
    I've installed the tazpkg from the THIRD POST, FIRST LINK.
    When I editet the lines: (xorg.conf)

    ............lá na Section "Device", onde tem uma linha do tipo:

    Driver     "vesa"
    Mude para:
    Driver "openchrome"..............

    the PC doesn't start up anymore. It's a Netbook: HP 2133 mini.

    I had to boot with my live-CD and undo this action in xorg.conf.
  • kultexkultex January 2011
    yes, because you have to install the openchrome driver before you change xorg.conf
  • kultexkultex January 2011
    sorry - I just have seen, that you installed the tazpkg from claudianei - but this is from a yaer ago - its better to follw the guide and you do

    "tazx" and "tazhw detect-pci" as root in the console
  • kasumikasumi January 2011
    Ah, okay, thank you.

    There's Intel, AGP, nVidia and ATI. So what do I have to download now? I don't know to which category the Openchrome driver belongs.

    EDIT: Ah sorry, I wrote this post before trying it. Currently rebooting after installing everything. The driver is about 1MB, is this correct?

    Another EDIT: It did not work, same as above. Do I have to configure anything?

    AAAAAH, vesa and openchrome don't work. T.T What now?!?

    EDIT: Reinstalled everything and I did exactly as written in the guide, but it still doesn't work.
  • kultexkultex January 2011
    you have to check /etc/X11/xorg.0.log - either with nano or you install Midnight Commander "tazpkg get-install mc" - search for WW (warning) and EE (error)

    and did you boot the iso just like this or in textmode - I suggest to boot it with screen=text

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