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NEW Installing downloaded app Pls help
  • vanlorevanlore December 2010
    I am using stable version 3.0

    i have a .deb installer and a .rpm installer and a .sh installer. So how do i use any of them? Clicking on it has not helped.

    I wanted to play my games on linux so i downloaded  the trial of  "crossover" for linux  at   downloaded  They offer a .deb installer and a .rpm installer and a .sh installer. So when I click on any of them it asks me what I want to open the program with. I have tried to open it with many things to no avial. Maybe someone could take a look at the site and see if its possible to install it on Slitaz. If you want to see the files yourself all they want for the trail is your name and a e mail after that they will send you the download site. 

    I am a linux noob so I checked the hand book for Slitaz but I could not find anything about installing something I downlaoded from a site. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

    Sorry for poor grammar....
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za December 2010
    Why do you want to use CrossOver when you could use WINE? It even says on the website that CrossOver is "Based on the latest Wine Games development work". It's basically the same source code WINE but only rebranded with a price tag.

    Rather install WINE and open it with Wine Program Loader. You'd be surprised what you can run with it. To install, you start xterm, type su, enter your root passward (default is root) and type tazpkg get-install wine. Now you'll have wine installed and under System Tools menu.

    I will add that some Debian(Ubuntu, Mint, etc) and Fedora(Redhat, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS) based distros also comes with something called PlayOnLinux which is an installer front-end for WINE. You don't really need it, but it just automates the installer step for you.
  • babaorumbabaorum December 2010
    Hi, vanlore.
    Trixar is absolutely right : PlayOnLinux and CrossOver are no more than preconfigurated front-ends for Wine. But I know that configuring Wine for a specific application can be harsh, long and boring, and absolutely version-dependent (version of Linux host system, version of Wine, version of imported MS Windows .DLLs...).
    Use whatever is smooth to you.

    Your main problem is what to do with these packages not suitable for Slitaz distribution because they were made for Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.
    Slitaz has its own package manager (tazpkg) and therefore its own package file format (*.tazpkg).
    This manager has a built-in function to (try to) convert a "foreign" package to its own native format.

    Download the package files to convert to any directory
    Open a shell console and go to this directory : cd /path/to/directory
    Log in as super-user : su (your super-user account password should be "root" if you did not change it from default Slitaz configuration)
    Try to convert : tazpkg convert package.deb

    If you own the right libraries needed as dependencies, in their correct version number, you should be able to get a functional .tazpkg package.
    Now just install it, always as "su" : tazpkg install package.tazpkg

    Of course if this does not work, it will become a little more complicated, but not impossible.


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