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dansguardian for slitaz
  • unameuname December 2010
    I want to use dansguardian with slitaz. Which packages must i install to compile dansguardian on my own. Or is it possible that someone creates an dansguardian.tazpkg ?
  • babaorumbabaorum December 2010
    Shall we all know what dansguardien is ? I do not, sorry.
    To compile anything, you first need the slitaz-toolchain package. Any other dependance is related to the software.
  • erniaernia December 2010
    i'ts a web filter :
    it's useful for firewall and server if you have children ecc. ecc.
    you should read documentation about tazwok and try to write a receipt for the package, a good starting point is the pkgbuild from archlinux, eventually using tazarch

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