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freeze before and after installing package
  • taylorchutaylorchu April 2010
    i dont know if it is a bug or not but slitaz will freeze when searching or installing package.
    does anyone know this?
    how to solve it?
  • RuppRupp April 2010
    Does it freeze fully or for a few seconds?

    Is that GUI only?

    For me it freezes for a few seconds when doing stuff with GUI. Only with the GUI though. From terminal it works great. I very seldom use the GUI anyway.

  • jozeejozee April 2010
    @taylorchu : Please file this as a bug on our labs tracker. tazpkgbox seems to be taking longer than it used to even though it should be much faster theoretically (because it utilizes caching now).
  • taylorchutaylorchu April 2010
    it is GUI.
    it is not quite like real freezing. the GUI "whites" out (blank) for about 1 minute.
    i think it is due to HAL. can anyone help to check that out?

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