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Just an opinion!
  • luvva_cuppaluvva_cuppa March 2010
    With only a year or so of linux under my belt, I am obviously still inexperienced.

    However, my point is this. If sound in "stable" is broken and it is nearly impossible to get flash working, then what is the point of the project?

    Why offer a "cooking" version if stable doesn't work? Just a thought which I pose to myself.

    A nice distro but not mature perhaps enough yet. A personal opinion and no offence meant.
  • moulefritemoulefrite March 2010
    # Tazpkg get install get-flash-plugin... (downloads the little application from Slitaz serveur)
    # get get-flash-plugin... (execute it , which will go on Internet and will download and install the plugin itself)

    Say me what else is wrong with u Slitaz

    My Slitaz 2.0 is working perfectly on my eee netbook, (Mainly in RAM :D ) . Don't forget that for 30 mb iso , slitaz is , with no contest , far ahead than other distribution in quality/functionnality/size terms.
  • moulefritemoulefrite March 2010
    sorry, the second line is just

    # get-flash-plugin...
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    Hi @luvva_cuppa! glad to see you're trying many linux distros after such a short time of starting your Linux years! :)

    Stable worked by it's requirements when Stable was released. As a basic distro that got a 30MB ISO to a desktop, it worked on a vast number of cases; those that did far outweighed those that didn't. It was the vast number of successful cases that make SliTaz take off as it has. I wouldn't be here if I did not believe that SliTaz will continue to improve at the rapid rate it is currently to go on to bigger and better things. Fortunately, any problems that do arise can be included as bugfixes or tips to users thanks to an open development process and a 'loud' forum. As moulefrite said, I ran v2 stable on my netbook without any problems at all.

    Cooking is an ongoing development that hasn't had a huge amount of testing (something that Stable also lacked) so cannot be considered a stable release. Hopefully with the efforts of a number of contributors to this forum, a testing procedure will be created very soon so SliTaz 3 will be a much stronger and higher quality release of this very young but powerful distro. Requirements of this testing will include adding users, sound working for everyone, automagic mounting of drives, etc. etc. Hopefully aspects at the system level, like the installation program, will be improved alongside those at the user level, something I hope to help with when I graduate!

    I apologise if this comes across as angry or an attack; it is not at all! It must be known, as you pointed out, that this is a comparatively young project without the overheads of larger CD/DVD-sized distros, with a development team a fraction of the size. Said distros cannot come close to some features already present in SliTaz, too. Without many software additions, there will inevitably be restrictions on some of the UI but this is the negative aspect of such a tiny, fast distro. To give an example: a few years ago when Fedora Core was about, it was pretty poor compared to the Fedora 12-type releases we are seeing today from them; developers are working together more, teams are improving in their quality to release better software all the time. This I'm sure will be reflected in SliTaz with the testing process and knock-on effects in the development process as communication and requirements will improve.

    With so many bits and pieces left to do, anybody can help improve this distro as it already has a huge potential; it can only become successful if it is tested by as many users as possible and feedback is given. Any effort will be appreciated by many.

  • luvva_cuppaluvva_cuppa March 2010
    Thanks for your replies and please excuse any unfair criticisms on my part. I really like Slitaz, both in terms of lightness, autonomy with ram installation and also visually. As I gain more experience of using different isos I realize that even the most solid Linux distros can be quirky on certain hardware.
    As a point in fact ,I have just had to install xubuntu karmic on my daughter's laptop after Mint gave up on her Dell Inspiron 1525. I thought I had lost the hard drive as I was getting a serious error message. Strangely Crunchbang 9.04 which is rock solid wouldn't install, wheras xubuntu would. Strange!
    I shall certainly go back to Slitaz and try again with my hardware, a Samsung nc10 netbook and and old Acer Aspire 1300.
    Fun times ahead then with Slitaz! I shall be back with feedback and requests of help.

  • maxxmaxx March 2010
    that's great luvva, let's play with SliTaz deeper, I start to love this distro as my netbook has only 4GB storage and SliTaz gives all what I need. I just have some problems with networking and multimedia player, but I take those problems as challenge to gain more knowledge on linux area.

    thanks SliTaz team for all of your efforts!

    Viva SliTaz
  • maxxmaxx March 2010
    Almost forgot. I wish there is a room for "Bahasa Indonesia" (Indonesian) if it is possible. Sorry if it's out of topic... ^_^
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    It is bizzare to think that certain distros *work* (not even perform better) on some platforms than others. Yes, there's a multitude of different layers and configurations, but one wouldn't imagine such a chasm in compatibility. After all, the original goal of the Knoppix LiveCD was to see if Debian would work on the hardware, that was it. That said, all are constantly developing so hopefully it won't be long.

    Just to note; I run SLiTaz cooking on my Samsung N130 netbook and everything is fine. I haven't tested the webcam yet, though. I primarily run Fedora as I love KDE4 but SLiTaz is a great quick boot for 20sec web access.

    I think the important thing is to experiment with Linux distros; we implore choice for exactly this reason that so many are available and there will be one that suits. Eventually :P

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