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How read/write on all volume Ntfs/Ext2/3
  • TkclTkcl January 2010

    Hi all

    how to settings to read / write all the volumes Ntfs/Fat32/Ext2/3 to boot?
    In which file and which command?

    Thanks in advance

  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    Hi Tkcl --

    Could you clarify: do you want to read/write NTFS etc. volumes through the file manager or do you want to add other operating systems to the GRUB bootloader?

  • TkclTkcl January 2010

    I do want to read/write NTFS/FAT32/Ext2/3 on hard disk, etc.


  • TkclTkcl January 2010

    Hi seawolf

    I mounted volume with Mounted Drive, but I can only read, but
    not write, or create new folders.


  • babaorumbabaorum January 2010
    Hi Tkcl,

    You should tune your /etc/fstab file which is the one that automount any volume/partition at system boot. There are options to specify read-only/read+write permissions (usually: -o rw for read+write, -o ro for read-only).

    Some valuable help can be found in manpage of "mount" command and "fstab".

    As SliTaz does not have the man command, you should get an online version of the manpage (google it, it is very easy to find).

    First step is definitively peaking a look at

    1 ) your fstab file: cat /etc/fstab

    2 ) your partition map: su
    fdisk -l
    parted -l

    (and, of course, identify each partition as what it is use for: root of OS, home partition, simple data partition, /user partition, etc... it depends of the way you have configured SliTaz installation on your harddrive(s))

    -- Babaorum

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