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nvidia drivers - support for Geforce 4 & 5 [package request]
  • iegubkiniegubkin January 2010
    Since slitaz is such a great distribution for older systems, I think it would be great to provide packages for nvidia's older video cards. Unfortunately slitaz's nvidia drivers (190.42) are only good for GeForce 6 cards and newer. It would be great if the following drivers would be added:
    173.14.22 GeForce 5 series
    96.43.14  GeForce 4 series
    Thank you very much.
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    While it is a worthy improvement, I would have thought that the standard VESA driver would work on just about any graphics card? Perhaps not at a fantastic resolution, but work nonetheless.
  • iegubkiniegubkin January 2010
    I'm really excited about the combination of slitaz and the new enna media center. Unlike other linux media centers (I'm thinking here about xbmc and boxee), enna can run nicely on quite old hardware. It is doing just fine on an old Duron 1300 with a Nvidia MX440. This setup isn't going to run 1080p videos, but I really don't need that at this point. When not using enna, such a machine could be used for background bittorrents, a network server, podcast downloading, an ssh server, etc.

    In order to make this "EnnaTaz" flavor a reality, though, we need xorg and these older nvidia drivers. It might be possible to use "xorg-xf86-video-nv" and the nv-tv-out tool ( to get acceptable results, but the nvidia drivers would be considerably easier, I imagine.

    Love to hear anyone else's thoughts.

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