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slitaz 3.0 wish list
  • taylorchutaylorchu January 2010
    i am new to slitaz, but when i get to here I know I find the right place
    slitaz 2.0 works fine for me, but i am even more interested in slitaz 3.0

    i hope slitaz3.0

    1. instead of choosing locale when it boots, just use utf-8, so that it shows character in other language properly(*important)

    2. cooking version can be built at the time when user downloads, so that it will contain the latest package

    3. release beta version soon so that user can give suggestion

    4. update linux kernel to the latest version(*important)

    5. removal of the hal package(*ubuntu10.04)
  • sporkspork January 2010
    2: Maybe it can be built weekly, so it won't have to recompile each time somebody downloads it (my guess is that the link is clicked about 20 times a day).

    3: That is a very good idea, would there be a "release candidate" too?

    5: I'd rather wait until Slitaz 4 or another cooking, so we can see what effects it has on Ubuntu/early Slitaz release first.
  • taylorchutaylorchu January 2010
    "built weekly" & "release candidate" are easy to do.
    I hope developers can read this post

    removal of the hal package: faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend
    it is a cool feature, however, it is not possible to do it easily. I can wait
  • ErjoErjo January 2010
    2: Users can install cooking and upgrade to have the last package.
    Building the wall distro is not easy for every body.

    3: Yes you are right for the RC.
    Now we are fixing and tunning some packages. I think we can begin to release candidate soon.

    5: As suggest spork. Wait and see...
  • taylorchutaylorchu January 2010
    fantastic! I cant wait to test it.

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