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Hard Disk Installation Problem.
  • RamachandranRamachandran January 2010
    I burnt Slitz - Cooking ISO on CD and booted from Live CD. However, when I try to install in Hard Disk , it says rootfs.gz is not found. However, on my physical examination of CD, I found rootfs.gz file in Live CD. As instructed in your help section, I tried to mount CD Drive. However, mounting is not possible. Is it require Driver software for CD/DVD writer, in order to access CD Drive. Kindly let me know how to install Slitz -cooking in my Hard Disk. I refereed to your section, how to install in Hard Disk. Accordingly I tried to mount CD Drive and fails to mount the CD cum DVD writer. you may please note I was able to install Puppy Linux from same Drive. I am looking forward your simple to understand solution for this problem as I would like to install Slitaz in my Computer.
    Kerala, India
  • LuXLuX January 2010
    Hello Ramachandran,

    first of all let me know which kind of installation on your HD you want to perform :

    - "normal" install, which requires a devoted partition in which the system is installed in uncompressed form (there is no rootfs.gz anymore in this case), in order to work with Slitaz like any other non-live linux system,

    - or a "frugal" install, which does not require a devoted partition and works like the LiveCD or LiveUSB, except that the kernet and the compressed file system rootfs.gz stays somewhere in your HD instead of an amovible support.



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