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Correct time not saved
  • TdeMTdeM January 2010
    Hi there,
    I've set the timezone and then used sync online to set the correct time, however after rebooting it seems the time is wrong again. I've tried this several times now and it keeps happening. Anyone knows what's happening here?
  • cavalier911cavalier911 January 2010
    You discovered the negative with running a compressed filesystem.

    Every change you make is in memory, all configuration changes (/etc/TZ)and software installs are lost on shutdown.

    Full install with slitaz-installer or frugal/tazusb install with writefs to either USB flash drive or hard drive before a reboot will save system settings and software installs.

  • TdeMTdeM January 2010
    Except... I have a full install. Which should mean it's saved right? I've had no other problems of this kind with my install (slitaz 2.0 stable) which I've been using for months now.
  • cavalier911cavalier911 January 2010
    Check the /etc/TZ file to verify it's maintaining your configuration.

    cat /etc/TZ

    reboot and recheck

    The operating system has the ability on ACPI motherboards to adjust the hours of your bios hardware clock.

    Hardware time: in control box

    If you multiboot on the same hardware with windows which uses localtime vs. UTC with a timezone offset which is the Unix standard you run into system clock changes.

    In that scenario let windows control the bios hardware time(local)turn off UTC timeserver sync scripts in linux distros, in Slitaz don't click Set from system button.

    Add or subtract from UTC so linux shows the correct system time.

    Look here:
  • LuXLuX January 2010
    Hello TdeM,

    having correct time in Slitaz in not possible on my system, whatever is the chain I put in /etc/TZ. This is not related to Slitaz, by the way: when I install Ubuntu the installer asks me for may timezone, and the resulting hour in Ubuntu is wrong. But in Ubuntu it's easy to fix once for all by one click on the hour.

    In Slitaz, the best solution I found in the first forum was to synchronous with a time server online, by adding the following in /etc/init.d/rclocal, so that this command is executed at boot time:

    rdate -s

    You say that you "used sync online to set the correct time", which seems to mean the same thing. But perhaps you did it differently. For me, with Wlitaz insalled permanently in my HD, this works pretty well (when the connection works, of course!).



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